David S. Shimm, M.D., FACP

I was born at an early age in the city of Chicago — not because I enjoy Chicago in December, but because my mother was having her first child and I thought it would be a good bonding experience for me to be there with her. The following year, my family moved to Durham, NC, where I grew up. After an uneventful childhood, I attended college at Harvard in Cambridge, MA, majoring in biochemistry, and then returned to Durham to attend medical school at Duke. I stayed at Duke to train in internal medicine, and then moved to Boston to train in radiation oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital.

After finishing my residency, I moved to the University of Arizona in Tucson, where I ultimately became a full professor, and ran the radiation oncology residency program. However, after many years in academic medicine, I finally took the red pill, realized that I would never be an academic triple threat, and went into private practice. After practicing for five years in Denver, I moved to WV and joined Beckley Oncology Associates, where I am much happier, taking care of patients, free of any academic appointments.

From Duke to Harvard to the University of Arizona, to private practice in Denver, CO, then Charleston WV, and finally Beckley WV, my career trajectory has been one of downward mobility. Rather than fight it, I have embraced it. In addition to my radiation oncology practice, I have served as president of the Raleigh County Medical Society and as medical director of the local hospice. I am the medical director of Beckley Healthright, the community’s free clinic, and work on the physician panel at the Raleigh General Hospital wound care and hyperbaric medicine center.

My wife and I live in downtown Beckley WV with our chihuahuas. I work on my jiu jitsu most evenings, get to the gym to lift weights when I can, and enjoy technical diving (wrecks, caves, mixed gas). I am an NRA-certified range officer and rifle, pistol, shotgun, and handloading instructor, for several years served as the education officer for the Beckley Gun Club, and enjoy informal club rifle, pistol, and shotgun matches.