The chemotherapy department is comprised of trained staff that have multiple years of experience in dealing with the various cancers diagnosed in their patients.  Besides being familiar with the most recent agents used in chemotherapy and being aware of the adverse effects that can occur, the nurses take a very special interest in each patient and are concerned with their well-being.  The compassion exhibited is second to none.

A trained IV admixture technician prepares the oncology products under a hood specially designed to protect the patient as well as the preparer. Once this process is complete, care is taken to make sure that the right product reaches the right patient.

At chair side, the nurse explains the regimen that will be administered to the patient.  Education videos are available via iPad that will also assist the patient with knowing what to expect from his/her chemotherapy.  A family member or friend is encouraged to come with the patient to each treatment to offer “support” as well.

Our 15 chair infusion area is clean and comfortable and is set up in a manner that ensures all patients are being monitored at all times.  Some bays are curtained to provide more privacy when desired. Care is taken to give the patient the best experience possible and questions are encouraged from patients, as well as family members or caregivers.

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