Mission Statement

It is the mission of Beckley Oncology Associates, Inc. to provide quality diagnostic imaging, radiation oncology and medical oncology services to the residents of Central and Southern West Virginia. The organization shall encourage, sponsor and participate in programs designed to increase public awareness of cancer risks and to promote healthier life styles. The ultimate goal shall be directed at both treating and eventually eliminating cancer as a major health concern. Services shall be provided to all patients within the service area without regard to age, sex, race, color, creed, disability or national origin. Beckley Oncology Associates, Inc. shall also network with various governmental and private organizations to insure that quality diagnostic imaging and oncology services are provided to all without regard to ability to pay.


The cancer center originally received a Certificate of Incorporation on December 10, 1984 from the Office of the West Virginia Secretary of State under the name of “MDRT, Inc.” Ground breaking activities took place in November of 1985 and the facility became fully operational on November 10, 1986 with the purpose of providing state-of-the-art cancer treatment to individuals living in Raleigh and adjacent counties in Central and Southern West Virginia.

Eight local physicians were responsible for building the facility under the name of “MDRT, Inc.” The entity, after receiving approval from the West Virginia Health Care Cost Review Authority, sold the assets of the corporation to “Beckley Oncology Associates, Inc.” on June 1, 1994.

The origin of the cancer center, located in Beckley, West Virginia, was a result of many years of planning and coordinated effort. The center was constructed to meet a recognized need of area cancer patients for coordinated, specialized care delivered in a comfortable, easy to reach location. It incorporates a wide range of services to support both the needs of the individual as well as the members of their family. The most important part of the center’s design brings diagnostic, treatment and family support services all under one roof. In other words, our goal is to provide complete cancer care close to home.

In addition to the corporate name of Beckley Oncology Associates, Inc.”, the organization is also registered to do business as “Raleigh Regional Cancer Center”, “Raleigh X-Ray Diagnostics”, and “Carl Larson Cancer Center”. With the passing in 2014 of Carl S. Larson, MD (an original founding physician) the Board of Directors of Beckley Oncology Associates, Inc. renamed the center to “Carl Larson Cancer Center” to recognize and honor the contributions Dr. Larson made in founding the center, and for the services he provided to the residents of this community and region for over 30 years.

The cancer treatment component of the center is comprised of the departments of Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology. Primary modes of treatment are chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is primarily provided through a TomoTherapy system. Additional services include a superficial treatment unit, High Dose Radiation (HDR) Brachytherapy and 3-D treatments.

The diagnostic component of the cancer center provides a myriad of radiologic services and laboratory testing. Radiology services include CT scanning, mammography, bone density and radiologic x-rays, all of which are digital. The radiology services are accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the FDA. A full range of diagnostic laboratory testing services are located on-site. The laboratory is both COLA accredited and CLIA licensed.

Beckley Oncology Associates, Inc. is a free-standing, physician-owned community cancer center.