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No Halfway Measures in Quitting Smoking

By May 21, 2019 May 27th, 2019 News

A group of researchers from the UK recently published a meta-analysis of 141 studies examining the effects of cigarette smoking on coronary heart disease and stroke in the British Medical Journal. The authors were particularly interested in the risks of light smoking. While it was no surprise that people who smoked at least one pack per day had significantly increased risk, the authors found that the additional risk for coronary disease or stroke in men who smoked only one cigarette per day was about half that seen in men who smoked one pack per day, instead of 1/20th. For women, smoking one cigarette per day led to about one third the additional risk seen in women who smoked one pack per day, rather than 1/20th.

The bottom line here is that in terms of cardiovascular disease, there are no halfway measures in quitting smoking — even that last, single cigarette per day has significant health consequences.