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More Good News for Coffee Drinkers

By May 21, 2019 May 27th, 2019 News

A recent report from the British Medical Journal identified over 200 meta-analyses of observational and interventional studies looking at the health effects of coffee drinking.

The greatest benefit was seen in people who drank 3 cups per day, who experienced a 19% reduction in the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, a 16% reduction in the risk of death from coronary heart disease, and a 30% reduction in the risk of death from stroke, but a reduction in the risk of premature death was seen with consumption of up to 7 cups per day.

Other benefits seen with coffee consumption included reductions in the risks of developing diabetes, liver disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, metabolic syndrome, gout, and kidney stones, as well as cancers of the uterus, prostate, liver, and skin.

The science is settled, so drink up with confidence! I take mine black. No sugar, thank you.