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Drink to Your Health — with Coffee

By May 21, 2019 May 27th, 2019 News

Two recent articles in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggest that coffee drinking may be good for your health.
One reviewed data from over 500,000 individuals from 10 European countries participating in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition. With an average follow up of >16 years, the investigators found a significant reduction in all-cause mortality when those who drank coffee were compared to those who didn’t. Drinking one cup per day was associated with a 12% decrease in the risk of death, while drinking 2-3 cups per day was associated with an 18% reduction. The reduction in mortality was 12% for men and 8% for women, and did not vary by country.
The second reviewed data from nearly 60,000 individuals participating in the Multi-ethnic Cohort study in Los Angeles and Hawaii. With an average follow up of >16 years, the investigators found that compared with drinking no coffee, coffee consumption was associated with lower total mortality after adjustment for smoking and other factors. Specific benefit was seen for deaths from circulatory and digestive diseases.
I take mine black. No sugar, thanks.